The Parties

First I would like to define some terms. I would like to return to a more common use of the terms: liberal, moderate and conservative. These terms are more politically understandable within the context of a political party or political ideology. That simply means that you can sort the political membership into the three distinct groups.
The Communist Party therefore contains: liberals(more open market opportunists), moderates(more status quo) and conservatives(Marxist/Leninist). 
The liberals push the envelope, the moderates are okay with their party as it is today and the conservatives practice their party’s basic principles.

Today’s Parties

The Democrats seem to have evolved to have only liberals and moderates, while the Republican Party seems to have devolved to only moderates and conservatives. Please don’t be offended by these remarks. A liberal Republican would probably be happier in an independent party and no one in the Democratic Party any longer advocates a return to chattel slavery as a conservative Democrat.


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