Suggested Reading

A Republic Not an Empire                                    Patrick J. Buchanan
Up From Slavery                                               Booker T. Washington
The Wisdom of Confucius                                                      Lin Yutang
Everyone Is Entitled to My Opinion                            David Brinkley
Understanding the Constitution                                     J.W. Peltason
Thunder on the Left                                                           Gary Aldrich
Who Killed Martin Luther King?                                 James Earl Ray
Cause                                                                                   Tonya Bolden
Do As I Say (Not as I Do)                                           Peter Schweizer
Adults Only                                                                        Sid Dinerstein
Newt                                                                                    Dick Williams
The Way Things Ought To Be                                     Rush Limbaugh
Losing the Race                                                           John McWhorter
Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. DuBois and the
                   Struggle for Racial Uplift              
   Jacqueline M. Moore
Real Change                                                                      Newt Gingrich
Shakedown… exposing the real Jesse Jackson
                                                                           Kenneth R. Timmerman
Glenn Beck’s Common Sense                                                Glenn Beck
The Art of War                                                                             Sun Tzu


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