Proposed Legislation

America makes no promises for success. You are required to assimilate and work hard. You are being given an environment that allows you to go as far as you can. The rest is up to you.


  • We need a twenty-year(one generation) moratorium (with a limited number of extensions) on Muslim immigration. We will use the time to study Muslim assimilation in other parts of the world. It is important to see if a people adhering to an eighth century religious and political philosophy of conquest, enslavement of women, universal imposition of Sharia Law and of religious intolerance can ever truly assimilate and peacefully coexist in a modern Western society. This isn’t xenophobia or racism; it is only common sense. 
  • Citizenship and Permanent Resident status can only be conferred after a passing grade for an English test. Each level would have an appropriate standard of conversational English. Advancement to the next stage must be tied to the applicant’s test score. Residency is not granted without a certain level of achievement. Lack of progress over the standard period of time can and should be seen as a refusal to assimilate and be grounds for deportation. Anyone in the U.S., who does not speak or understand English is not capable of achieving true independence. That is not the American way.
  • Publically displayed, billboards and signs written in any foreign language must contain a readable English translation using half the allotted sign space.
  • All broadcasting networks, newspapers and magazines published or broadcast and shown/or sold in the U.S.A. must conform to a racially neutral standard in advertising and content.
  • All foreign language television broadcasts originating in the U.S. must carry easily read subtitles in English. 
  • All mass printed government forms, pamphlets, manuals etc. must only be printed in English only.
  • All driver’s license tests must be given in English. Police should be able to administer a spelling test(of words from traffic oriented signs), to any driver at a traffic stop. Failure to pass the spelling test amounts to driving on a fraudulently obtained license. Any and all government issued licenses must show an up-to-date photo of the driver’s unoscured face.
  • An illegal, who tries to resist deportation, using an “anchor baby”, should be charged with attempted fraud. No baby born of illegals should qualify for any form of birth certificate. Deport the entire family and let the parents homeland work out the repatriation issues. 

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