Political Change


The Democrats are long overdue for change. Their present situation is unsustainable and is highly damaging to the country as a whole. Every time they control the House of Representatives, they write checks the government can’t back, no matter under what president.
There is a need for a Democratic Reformation and purges of corrupt office holders.  Any true Reformation must start with a look at basic principles. The current leadership of the Democratic Party is in denial of the past and afraid of constituent loss, if the truth be known.
Would black people leave the party if they knew that the Democratic Party was the Pro-Slavery Party of the past and the proponents of the neo-slavery “Great Society” policies of today? Of course they would leave, but the unions, the gays and organized crime might not jump ship. As a result the Democrats simply lie, about the past, to keep everyone blissfully ignorant. 

After honesty, the next greatest problem the Dems face is constituent diversity. These groups are often in opposition and the party has shown little ability to satisfy any of them….EVER.  
The search has been on for the perfect Democratic constituent.  Sadly scholarly, Jewish, anti-gun, condo-living, black, openly gay, female,  Teamster environmentalists are just not a large enough part of the voting public. If they were, the modern Democratic Party would have a legitimate mission in todays America. Presently they do not and they are losing on all fronts.

Fear of alienating any segment of their constituency has rendered all of our Democratic presidents impotent during national crisis. They have risked and lost innocent lives rather than lose votes. Waffling Democratic presidents have directly and indirectly caused the deaths of millions, around the world. While there is good enough reason to never again seat a Democratic president, I would rather see the party reform itself in a more “America First” mode and help all Americans prosper.


The Republicans today are often refered to as the “Party of Know”, but they need to know even more. Why have they been unable to create a dynastic Republican presidency, even when the country gains huge benefits under their times in office? They have to address this problem.  The lack of substantive achievement under Democratic two-steps-back terms in office should supply all the impetus needed . Come up with a better plan. Margaret Thatcher changed people’s thinking and thus their politics and party. We can all succeed together. Start the debate, pick the best troops…NOW. You’ve got two years to draw up plans to take this country back and make it greater than ever before.


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