Hello, my name is Thom Gorman. I am a typical “Baby Boomer” American, Vietnam veteran and concerned citizen.
I have lived and done business, both here and abroad. I have experienced trying to live and profit under a very left-leaning, parliamentary form of government. I have seen first-hand the extremely negative effects of the adversarial relationship between labor and business owners, in both places. I have watched the U.S. swing from an entrepreneurial power to a land of bureaucracy and I know it will be our undoing.
I feel it is my business now to help bring our country back from the brink of failure. We the people…have failed to protect the U.S. from harm. We stood by while our elected officials played fast and loose with our rights, our wealth and our way of life. It is time to stand up for something bigger than ourselves. First and foremost we must learn the truth as well as how our society was designed to work. We can then move it off its current path of failure and make it once again the land our fathers envisioned.


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