Let Common Sense Rule

Consider this blog as a tutorial.  
We have recently held an election where racism and ignorance ruled the day. We cannot allow this to ever happen again. The electorate has fallen for propaganda, misdirection and historical revision.
This is what you get when the electorate is ill-informed or uninformed of what constitutes good government in the U.S.
They often do not understand the two party’s political positions, intentions or methodology.
You are going to hear both parties’ histories and apparent shortcomings. You will hear some conjecture and opinion, but mostly you will get the unvarnished truth.
Some of you will get your feelings hurt. This is about the true history of the United States of America and who really did what and maybe even why.
Some of you will find that you have been deceived and worse by your political representatives. Just remember as long as you have the right to vote, they work for you. Make some real changes and get your country back.
I am looking forward to your comments. Your opinions, additions or questions are of great value to me, but I am here more to inform than to engage in heated defence of my positions. Remember what I present is history, it actually happened and nothing you or I do or say can change it.
If you are opposed to my ideas, don’t just disagree, propose a better one. Without a proposal your opposition is just empty words. Keep them to yourself. 
Better yet, if you wish to fully exercise your right to free speech and harshly criticize or condemn; start your own blog.

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